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ments of the levator and sphincter muscles to the bowel

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specimens showing accurately the successive changes it is necessary to

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examination and treatment room adjoining. Consultation with the

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sort of saving clause to cover any omission that might possibly have

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the right side of the heart were healthy. There was mitral stenosis

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would attend any instant attempt at coercive regulations in this matter.

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vagina was plugged with iodoform gauze and the right

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be excited only the slow irregular pulse changing to a rapid and

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served phenomena and without reference to causation

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occurs when other parts of the motor cortex are injured or com

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The lamb with diarrhoea should be docked on the first appearance

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fever measles diphtheria cholera infantum eclampsia and ana mia.

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Mr. Schacht has recently proposed to substitute a mixture of gly

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nearly so. Tetanus is differentiated by its more gradual

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nerves supplying the adrenal glands. And Edmunds has shown that in other

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watch that the water in them is clean. Cisterns are often

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lify the effects of these toxins when they are injected into

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until the patient can be brought back into better condition. These

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infection was the principal factor in its evolution.

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acid uranium acetate solution and with salicylsulphonic acid on the other

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under eyelids which is more pronounced in the morning on arising.

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vantage excision or better excision and arthroplasty such as

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individual bacterium being a complete system in itself the entire

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hysterectomy. Surgeons should know both methods using the

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and excretion. The liver spleen kidney and heart undergo fatty

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loma develops in the interarytenoid space and is removed. Six

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breeda the mal ia a little Inrger than the female and

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and. counterbalances the deficiency of ftimulus. and then the bath i

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producing phenomena of mind. The power of each is God given.

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tains a list of the more important preparations and sev

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bronchitis occur expectoration is difficult and if pneumonia or any other

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years without detection indeed it might even appear that the

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lich develop very slowly of which the Spanish horse may be cited as

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the placenta and also from the stomach contents of the fetus.

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competent paid executive secretary and his office corps

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Glycerophosphates Hypophosphites Mineral Acids and Tonics

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displayed and first aid cabinets containing antidotes for poisons and surgical

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suspensions No. of test suspension organisms counted No. of standard suspension

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patient if each questionable tumor of the breast for

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affection of the liver which is observed in cases of intermittent fever. Ague

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drops to a dram or tea spoonful equalling ten table

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was ill. and taken to the Pulaski House where he died a few

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from tertian aestivo autumnal fever and who volunteered to go

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or dark margins to the ulcerated tissues or healed ulcers and pucker

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member of the sex imitate her example. Females are natu

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test aside from the difficulty he would have had in taking an

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The following table shows the actual results obtained in known

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be encouraged to hold a periodical examination of spectacles

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taken internally the general opium action would also be

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nutritious element in proportion as you add sugar. If you add sweets faster

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pale throughout the attack and he retched as he was recovering

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particularly desirable that practitioners should be carefid to furnish

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course be aggravated. It is stated on page 13 of the report

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affected with fatty degeneration or when there are symptoms of

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only ftimulates the fyftem into common fever like that which

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massage. The author has had good results from galvanism and be

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Vigerus perperam ducit ab dpins itibov et lt 7rTa. POTT.

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let it steam fifteen minutes with the lid off. When care

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up into rape attempt at rape and indecent or criminal assaults.

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The following table showing the number of lepers at

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