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A case of pneumonia in a youth or young adult often requires but

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Gynecologist to the Cancer Hospital instructor in Gynecol

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only of the pain but of a soreness remaining at the

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man tailor working hard at his business in London and

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the rarity of occasions upon which any very definite bacterio

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the eruption has appeared. In some severe cases the temperature fall

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In 6 cases there was a soft systolic murmur at the base in

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number of species possessed by any other country. Australia

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Klebs LSffler bacilli from tbo bronchial lymph gland.

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will surely welcome the admiraoly clear and concise synop

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placed the patient in a satisfactory condition although of course

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drinking of the stagnant pools. The length of the worms

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branches of the bronchial tubes end in minute air cells

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principles. In individual instances there may be hopeful elements and

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Clinical data. Mustard gas on the morning of October 2 1918.

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reports in addition to these complete data for 1920 cases. Thus

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effects of metabolic products. He cites instances of micro

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solvent and might be advantageously used as varnishes. Fixed oils

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The result was that the faithful officers turned over

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burn three inches wide covered by a bUster. There was another burn 12

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seemed sufficient and safe. In this the above method was successfully adopt

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leprosy incompatible with the theory of its parasitic

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and that it requires immobility on the part of the pa

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heart become very flabby and when this change has reached a certain point

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wide and deep lor the bill and its scatter brain advocates.

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to Africa specially a condition has been created under the name

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ratory of animal life. To be diseased then would be a natural

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Henry Maine on Ancient Law 1861 J. J. Bachofen o amp the Matriarchate

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simple cleanliness. In any case it readily yields to antipsoric

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Past History. Had measles at seven years of age. For past two

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The requirements for such a reconstruction are a perfect

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creatitis has been observed in typhoid fever without such a sequel.

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consumption. This being admitted the important question arises Are

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layers have been brought together they may be separated

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The Angles of the Tooth Sockets. BoenningShas made some

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left half of the diapliragm applies that the inner surface

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tism. Deep seated pain. Redness and swelling of tissues over affected

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long sparingly scabrous pilose bracteoles 2 mpmbranous linear spar

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in actice who transacted it all in the spirit method and

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hesions. The left pleural cavity contains about one liter of bloody


reader will observe that the above description corresponds closely with tbat of

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cut through and the ilio femoral ligament defined and divided at its

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In studies made of the problem in Baltimore and Philadelphia under

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annual fee to the Council the advisability of rais

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of the storm with its melting snow and slush causing

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respiration without evidence of pulmonary disease and

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The number of diphtheria bacilli present in the positive cul

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Professor Franklin completed measurements on the electrical con

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will return to their proper station with Private First Class

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faction and are gray pulpy and almost detached. Sometimes portions

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the same severe strain. On very fast trains it is said that engine

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move offending matters. Later minute doses of laudanum with dill water

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