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necessary to examine closely the organs which you have come to

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for the Secretary. The accounts were considered and

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transmitted from one generation of flies to another

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of information to be derived depends upon the elasticity of the ribs and

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conclude that intra articular injections of antigonococcic serum exercise

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to fear or to purely nervous disturbances for similar

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examination of the eyes revealed nothing abnormal. The ophthal

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or pillows are most convenient when about twelve inches

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followed by a spread of the infection to the spinal system.

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vaccination 9 out of 13 took 70 per cent. Of the 51 in

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the stools and after st veral attempts the influenza or

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little encouragement can be given. The general state of the patient

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skin disease especially of the anus and the genitalia

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hvpoTension and acceleration of the pulse. In two myxoedematous patients

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to have somewhat changed its point of attack and has

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Dr. Barker That does not sound like the reply of a hypo

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embolism involving especially the cerebral vessels also coronary and

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eligible for lectureships and professorships. But they

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felt at the digital artery. Pulsation of the gluteal arterc fessicre

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oonsumption the tuberculous form. I ha o long oontostod this da

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could be found in the hard palate or cheeks or floor

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for the purpose are to be found in all such establishments sheltered

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a moistened sponge passed over the abdomen especially along the

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ence of opinion as to the efficiency of all the vari

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these phrases have given rise to much discussion and opposing

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discovery it will always deserve to be associated like those

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