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and hind feel though in the former case from its situation in the
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years ago. This little patient has had periodic attaclcs
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affected side definitely fix the locality of the swelling. In children in
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tween the bodies just described and crescents for example
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lation depends not alone on the variation of the motion variation
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whereas in osteoplastic resection the wider and freer
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Dr. Barker The signs if any pointing to the thyroid are as
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livid bluish grey colour deeper on those parts exposed
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vessel where it passes down to become popliteal and another similar
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Thrills may sometimes be palpated. The cardiac impulse
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cases where that course would not formerly have been adopted. In
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was taken from the thorax of this patient we have cultivated a
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the erroneousness of the teaching of some surgeons that tuberculosis
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in connection with these changes emphysema in the sur
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domestiques niais our I ambassadeur nieme on dit qu il
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are normally present but innocuous until such time a s
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and BAB. If the attempt has been in any degree successful
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to find all her symptoms improved. From this period she continued gnidually
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chronic bronchitis initiating the series of morbid changes. Emphy
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disease such as indigestion hypochondria or it may be a
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attached one captain or first lieutenant Medical Corps one sergeant oi
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plexuses which send branches to the various organs supplying them
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and child welfare clinics then says Dr. Flemming the
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SusacRiPTioif TXKMS m.ao per year in advance poMtage paid
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sugar after the injection of phloridzin and by means of con
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tested both the crude salt and its attenuations his symptoms
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By ALLEN K. KRAUSE Managing Editor American Review op Tuberculosis Baltimore Md.
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to be practically no difference in the morphologj of the erythrocyte
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vical submaxillary axillary and groin glands no bacilli
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This is important. I have known many infants and children
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of a greenish yellow color and shorter than the stamens. The stamens
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logy and have been worn woUnigh threadbare. I reter
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boilings however considerably impaired the flavour and appearance of the
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went far to confirm the probability of Pierre s statement that in
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teristic. When the patient is standinp the alKlomen pr ij eti the bftck
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cream with 15 ounces of water we will have a i per
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at the same time. The general disturbances are dependent upon
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found. There was no intestinal perforation. The patient was so
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bacilli in the lib md rapidly takes place so that erroneous
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ist for instance to advertise himself as professor in a medical school.
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they were such. Nothing is easier than for the collector to require
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forth any special effort to prevent such fraud and decep
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with a third smaller one. The cord was inserted in a velament
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the rice alimentation theory of Saneyoshi and Littlefield.
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Physiology may be taught and chairs will be established
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genital cavity. Below is seen the delicate chitinout linmg of
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thickening of the aryteno epiglottic folds and ventricular bands with
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the pillow and envelop him in the sheet and blankets by
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always exist. I do not believe it could have been general
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difference of three five or nine inches 1 What is the contrast
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tubercles cause tuberculosis comes from a very dissecting age
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the greatest good to the greatest number. That certainly
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operation is more safely and easily performed by the aid of instru
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the eighth day was completely cicatrized by first intention. The
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iiovine species. Sternal or abdominal rolling could scarcely produce
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ous as Dan Tucker without his dinner as blue as an indigo
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Plain and Easy lu.structions on Disease of the Bladder
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tuberculous cows it was only present in the defective and the
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readily so far as proximity goes from the surface organisms than
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since dawned is now seemingly at its height since it is difficult under
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age but was well known among his countrymen as an able and
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Anon. A description of a simple method for the determination of
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some supposed secretion. If the index finger be carried below the epiglot
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In the Cow a similar phenomenon may be remarked though it is not
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to pressure and friction they are arranged in strata i. e. they
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is the bane of mankind. As the doctor has also said soldiers
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creas the liver and gall bladder often not even between
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percussion to aid in the diagnosis of diseases in the chest.
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clothing and position of the aifected part impeded circulation an. if
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afterwards prevented haematomata. He recommended it
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a profound influence upon physiological theories is illustrated in the
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could be in any of them if the others would desist from
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arc not capable of absorption. When the purulent matter of a soft
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Teeth. Ophthahnic literature furnishes many instances of diseases
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quently this event has a certain diagnostic significance. For the methods
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the nature of tlie intoxicating substance but on other conditions. It

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