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in which there is a neurotic tendency and several successive generations

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ear and indeed in relation to my present subject the

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which they got caseous or scrofulous pneumonia of Virchow.

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abdomen was opened in the usual way and again closed. The patient

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Eabbit unarmed Tieniai which are classed under the designation of

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cretion of saliva may be excited reflexly by stimulation

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strongly to previous gas injury. The marked leucopenia 3 900 on the fourth

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in from one half to two hours. Weakness of legs prostration vomit

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severe symptoms with a systolic pressure of one hundred and fifty or

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in the end a losing one and the organism must finally surrender. For

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over the neck and shoulders and a number of painful evanescent

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on November 15th for operation on left side which was easier than on

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said to interfere with the ordinary duties of life or with

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there are other symptoms about the throat etc. present. At

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and warm applications to it usually suffice at most the attempt

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of the people s feelings. We cannot afford to allow

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conditions upon which it may be established without prejudice

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direct extension from disease of the nnddle ear or of the mastoid cells.

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bleeding on touch this is called the everting type

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as was formerly supposed. Daily soundings of the atmosphere to

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features this classification will assist in the study of the subject facilitate

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period of the southwest monsoons and the resulting erosion of the softer

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into family life back to the surroundings which keep ordinary people going

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panfion of the nerves of touch beneath the whole of the cuticle

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respiratory food. But the use of alcoholics as food

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macher. It had gradually passed imder the influence of

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We print elsewhere in this issue a summary of Dr. S.

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effusion into the ventricles and also in softening of the

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knowledged by the profession. The eflficacy of antitoxin

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trocar should be used but no aspiration. The danger of course is that

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these improved varieties and of better methods of tillage the average

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his pulse was imperceptible and before the house physician could be

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the lympbatioglands. In moat of gt cven oaaea of JdJopalhlo enlargement

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the chief factor in the causation of the amblyopia.

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marked dullness with harsh breathing in the pectoral fold

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of the patient in a hospital suitable diet massage exercise of

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or of tongue affected forms of transverse or crossed palsy.

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ciation Imperial and Royal Society of Physicians Vienna and Swedish

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with nitric acid warming again remov Ferri et quinincc citras the soluble

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mer years wood alcohol being bellsved to be among the principal

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xm. Of all the remedies however which have been proposed for

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less than one tenth that of the Department of Texas and the lowest

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to z ltm sulpliute but more powerful. Ou ulcerated and

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both could be excluded while with the eosinate and the tri

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McCaskey G. W. Bacillus botulinus poisoning with a report of seven cases

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years ago following an operation on the thyroid gland merely

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eflects of prolonged standing in the production of gynecologic

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extension and flexion of the toes are usually unimpaired. Of the

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gitimate. There were thirty eight cases with abscess or

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neck involvement it must be established that carci

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cracy which are not caused by opium namely a peculiar sensatioB

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was given hen called for. Sponge baths tub baths and

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