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doing the fold around arm is made to fit tightly all the way.

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To treatment there is but one reference in the whole book.

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from the side of the cover glass. Dr. Simon has also noted

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who are giving Evansville a bad reputation and endangering communities

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truly astonishing results have been obtained in some cases namely

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To recapitulate briefly in 1924 and 1925 30.3 per cent were suscep

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the end and the cream is sweet and very rich in fat.

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occurring each day the chill and fever being quite marked.

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own as soon as something objectively given furnishes us the pos

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we learn that a patient does not feel well thinks she loses

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The editors of the International Clinics which have

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acute or repeated 2 the type that depends on primary disease of

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of formaldehyd on guaiacol and is also a yellowish powder

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Following this is a tolerably compact mucosa formed of

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well as the respiratory passages during the post mortem exam

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Beenaed Herman. De eo quo dilFert Circuitus sanguinis

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sponds to a ganglion of a dorsal root. The chorda tympani presumably

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not proceed as rapidly in the brain and more particularly in the

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Pancreatis Picis Carbonis Plumbi Subacetatis Fortis

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and areas of round cell infiltration. As the tumor invades the

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most prominent during the early stage of neuritis active spasms are

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or complicated by catarrhal pneumonia which in both clasess pres

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by making press preparations of the fresh tissues between thick

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variety he described as slightly enlarged and hyperas

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attended by a lesser activity of the vital functions. It is not enough

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couronne par I Acad. de Medecine de Belgique 1868 70.

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staff departments is not considered necessary nor desirable. Whereas the service should be

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for the recording of the results of all investigations of value made

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The group of the population recorded as never using any corn meal

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The Varieties of Madness. Insanity or the state of mad

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Both of these animals showed extraordinary depletion of the bone marrow

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it is dispensed with. From 3 to 4 grains of blue mass are

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effect. Protracted vomiting appears to increase the irrit

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physiologist Claude Bernard. It is immoral to make an experi

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physical examination expansion was equal on both sides vocal

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admitted to the hospital. Of the 98 cases 07 were female and

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vibrio is able to traverse the acid stomach and preserve its

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against transmutation. He has shown that bacteria are

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terial examination the danger is proved to be over then

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skin 3i hypertrophic cirrhosis of the liver 4 fibrosis of

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of lower pitch. When emphysema is present the blowing quality of the

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these external measures are available. Wilhelm wraps the abdo

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Croton Oil is used when a speedy and complete evacuation

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giant cells is shown but these latter are surely more

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The local symptoms are in greater part readily explained on

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portant and though this is one of the localities in

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a transient stimulation npou the hind brain followed by

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flooding and profuse menstruation occurred for several succeeding periods.

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writer would differentiate it from narcosis in that in the case of

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pon has been inserted a.s it is possible that she may not

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mously over the original microscopic size. Indeed a heavily

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ered with an exudate composed of fibrin leukocytes red blood

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lias laid emphasis on the importance of preventing the overstretching of the

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same into guinea pigs and rabbits were unsuccessful.

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technique of these procedures is given in full detail.

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their disbanding or when evacuating to the United States.

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fession of medicine in tlie Educational Number of the

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appearance of the disease and never suffered from Guinea worm. The disease

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laws for the protection of the health of its inhabitants is a matter

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Gordon Square said he first attended Miss Scott for dyspepsia

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possible that during the snowstorm he may have been suffering from

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horses dogs and rabbits that had received repeated intravenous

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head to a pea are situatetl on inflamed bases and are irregularly grouped.

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superior. This authority gives a particular description of the larva

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haematoma is sometimes found along with an external cephalhaematoma.

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color. The walls are up to thirty micra in thickness. The

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shall be purchas d by me out of my estate 1 will that

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on a preliminary survey we were especially struck by

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a slight increase in the ratio of admissions to the

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order to excite contraction if the organ is flaccid anduncontracted. At

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physiological factors in nervous and mental disease his method

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as soon as the substance was no longer administered and final

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to make full use of them on the present occasion we are

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uteri. In 1877 Koeberle removed the uterine append

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of treatment and it is not impossible that the meth

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either as an end say for revenge or as a means toward

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