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hand removal of the generative glands leads to marked

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glossal nerve but this condition is associated too as a rule with other

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vened physicians in order to establish standards for the

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extensive suppuration of the osseous structures while tubercular

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of it she determines she will do more to merit that recogni

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milk kumyss or matzoon when the ordinary milk is distasteful. Thin

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with the suggestion that the drug deserved investigation as per

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Deaths Organic diseases of the heart nephritis and tetanus 109

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Elongation of Cervix Uteri 1224 Enuresis and Epilepsy Relieved 1227

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the patient becomes unconscious and dies. This may take

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the barracks to be milked in presence of some soldier deputed for the

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Amount of solution given 500 c.c. Patient returned to bed at 10

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emetic in the early stage of febrile diseases and in other instances where

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were injected. No reaccumulation of fluid Pound elegantly put up carefully harmonized and

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catheterization is usually resorted to but this is difficult as

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only remains to distinguish it from the group of rattlesnakes

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injected a greyish inodorous discharge mixed with fragments of food

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recorded rectal temperature will be a sufficient index of the constitu

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heart listening to the sounds of their lungs in breathing and taking their

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on closer examination a large gauze compress was withdrawn. Fecal

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tinnitus which is probably most often duo t lal yrintlial pres

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saying that the pathological anatomy of the middle ear

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portation of small pox patients by the railroads and have

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Waiting for this much desired goal the next best thing

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Experiments on transplanting into the peritoneal cavity resemble those

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nary English methods with which I have also long been practi

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before the candidate passes the required Preliminary Examination in General

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prol ably aid in maintaining the chronic gastritis. As a rule the gastric

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diminishing the irritability of that organ and thus tends indirectly to remove

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in the treatment of these cases. If a small dose of

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Symptoms l he symptoms are great prostration of strength heat in

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and ill luck. In short as a general rule midwifery either mars or

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have prevented such aid being effectively given. Fees

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