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elected president by acclamation and the writer was chosen secretary general

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which they obtained organisms which corresponded with those of Bunting and

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black line was broken into a number of indissoluble particles.

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The Significance of the Presence of Lactic Acid in the Stomach.

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Chronic dilatation results from a Narrowing of the pylorus or of the

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Cheerfulness is a never failing source of influence. It is a mistake

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placed as the supra and infra orbital nerves because the chlorofonn

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sufferers the children in tow n the adult males in the country

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gerutfcbt. Linker Arm und linkes Bein find in ibrem gelabmten Zuftand

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stress has been laid. In all unskilful attempts to inflate the lungs

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of the infected but charitable retreats as the disease

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Assuming that this is true we are placed in the position of the

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Transport Corps Units 405 and 737 Service Park Unit 540 and

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table while the second cover when the drop of blood is col

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symptom that must be accounted for absolutely by some

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which doubtless had been rendered less solvent by the medicines

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hand col eurysis has largely replaced all other modes

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Buccesstul in tlie treatment of sleeping sickness aud other

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The Treatment of I a Grippe or Epidemic Influenza By

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yields its virtues to water or alcohol. The best time for

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Distomiasis Distomatosis Hepatitis liver enlarged hyper

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thority to provide first of all a sanatorium for the treat

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is interesting as being the first book on surgery pub

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the advantages of the soathwestern arid region. Aftsr a two

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be given by Dr. Haffkine a anti choleraic vaccine to in

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Symptoms. After an injury the disease sets in usually within ten

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table no growth occurred after exposure to a temperature of 60 C. for

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propriated for introducing the water to the post. Soon

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fait enthi conime le singe elle fait voir son derriere. Cela

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skin attended with much discharge. The following is an old estab

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into the kitchen by pipes and a faucet it should be arranged

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tigation. If arsenic is a constituent of the coal used

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advanced into Asiatic Eussia and appeared as far east as St. Petersburg in

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or less continuously tor twenty years ami was a jgravated when

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from that which it had formerly occupied. Syphilis

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The examination will consist of the subjects mentioned below

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lime and drank down mercury water did not more reason

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centers is responsible for both abdominal disturbances and

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infection as soon as possible and without delay to give

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ilar operation would if done on the Gulf coast of Texas.

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American School of Classical Studies at Rome. Instruction in the

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are now being brought forward some of them may not be able to

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acteristic dragging and scraping spastic gait the legs

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is preceded by delirium and when this occurs instant action is nec

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studying the complicated processes at work under pathologic condi

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pital February sth with entire consolidation of the

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them up against mercury and you will find that in time

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The abdominal findings essentially negative except for slight tenderness below

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insects are so wary that they are billed nly with the greatest difficnlty.

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the a ices of the branchlets grayish glabrous coriaceous oblong ovate

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experience as practitioners and teachers influenced by the instruction given by

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also and this is obviously of great importance from the point of

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been thought hopeless. There had only been four or five

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tubes it was only to emphasize the importance of careful

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this year. This lectureship is endowed by the will of Mrs. Bradshaw

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shall not feel or exhibit an aggravation of any of his symptoms.

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defined and generally occupies a considerable area the face nc k back

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natives as due to the presence of a white missionary. On

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