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pleasure of assisting Dr. Moore at his first laryngo tissure

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For more than ten years he was health officer of Middlebury Vt. and

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reached by any case of this stenosis whether congenital or

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of a belt half steel and half leather lapse should be ascertained. A

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ihe pathologist making microscopic examinations of operative material and work

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human blood stain or that of some animal. In some cases the

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Many complaints were received that Resco foot measuring ma

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prominent features may be abdominal pain an.l ngiditv La arotomv has

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membranes ligaments and fibers. A powerful shock surely is

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htecal hypenemiaaad osdema arising in the unoompresscd portion and

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the prospect of an operation is also a cardiac depressant That in

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overstimulation of certain muscles has been given as a simple explanation

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About one half of the cases give a definite history of symptoms

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Causation. This disease of sheep which sometimes produces vertigo

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and back crackling rales in supraspinous fossa. Bronchophony and

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can bring supplies we will call that road the uterine system of

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animals although they may inflict lacerated wounds in other

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it deflects light by 3 the angle between its faces is 6.

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Dyekman J. On the Pathology of the Human Fluids Svo New York

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figures or tropologies and are not sometimes persuaded by

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organ is thought by some to produce an enzyme which converts

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by him lymphangioma and angio lymphoma is described by

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which make suspicious of its malignant or sarcomatous

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brought the farmer to a realization of the extent of tubercular in

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physician and nurse. In every sick room there should be a con

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tine for the first twenty four hours but not after that. I

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pedicle. This patient had suffered with three sharp attacks

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tained in the crude drug. A few drops of the alkaloid will

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Peruvian Bark or the ordinary tinctures or extracts obtained may

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