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of this method of producing anaesthesia as contrasted with the

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determined this. Also bayonet wounds of the abdomen at least among

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bloodvessels are soon added whose blood is directed to

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by a series of works where are established in a fully conscious manner

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think we may fairly consider it iu this place. It is an

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would neutralize it nor with a metal which it would

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a strip of webbing or a rope is fastened round limbs

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psychologie as distinct from individual psychology. Folk psycho

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to keep a Bpeoial filecase for peculiar tattoos in

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ploratory puncture may be required but it should be re

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cases of complete sclerosis of the lens. In another paper j i he

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process. 3 A child of five years having had mercurial inunc

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tumour in tlie left lateral fornix. Last menstrual period four

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gradually become dilated at its lower end into a sac by the

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vations made by the method described by Cope have indicated to me

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grammes of bisulphate were injected under the skin. In three

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state that his own experience has been favorable to them. While he once

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On August 17 1917 an officer of the Corps of Engineers was appointed

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firmed it then it wotild seem that the increase of uric

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anyone else and he believed blind. The father was of course plunged

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three of which emerge caudad of the motor IX root in Chelone

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uppermost. A certain empty space separates the testicle from the

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counter manoeuvre but these horses are rare and fortunately are

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the disproportionate number of the two sexes the figures for the four Toronto

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the ointment and trimmed down to the exact size of the

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the fame houfe or which is often the cafe into the.

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presence or absence of hemoptysis. In no one of the clinical

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Drs. Bailey and Wilson have covered the ground fully concern

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sion though I have never seen a case in which such treat

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resemble ordinary oedematous tissue. The treatment should consist of

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but those mentioned were among the most successful in their re

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observation but her knee her mother informs me is strong and well and

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effort to provide him with free access to oxygen by putting his bed

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the greater the acetonuria. The greater part of the

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Official List of Changes in the Stations and l uties of

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instillations of the filtrates into the conjunctival sac are

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and neuroglia is not infrequently seen in these mal

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virulent poison may occasion the mildest infection to another patient and

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seen. The descriptions of non medical friends are how

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which it may pass may be arranged by the broad generalization of

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separate affections since the compression which so frequently arises in

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irritate a single muscle of the eye by the common apparatus with the

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prior to and independent of individual experience. It wholly de

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joint in tubercular osteo arthritis and advises its use whenever

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The patient eventually died slowly of sufi ocation.

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England visited Paris whence after a short residence

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Bodgkln s DUrase. Notes on fbe relapsing teverof Hodgkin s

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pearly always the changes are diffuse though in areas and it

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quently raised to 175 milliamperes. A grayish necrosis

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for diseases of the lungs like consumption and asth

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in neglecting reasonable measures of precaution but in

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retention retention cysts which result from the principal duct

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in preparation in order that the profession may be able to show

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professor. But its independent position was very gener

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ing to any degree the sentiments of the individual members it is apparent

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Marine Hospital Changes. Official List of Changes of Station

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meals with palpable stomach contractions and signs of

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cleansing the ear with boric acid solution some of these

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unable to act unless the cell was enfeebled from any cause.

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particles of meat and food. As theise men take tea meat

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Order at prices commensurate with the purse of the families

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mal hemostasis and thrombosis and have allowed a greater understanding of the

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servant girl class. This had been done by lowering wages.

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