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Stovin with a silver salver bearing a suitable inscription
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resorted to with great benefit. It has the advantage also of promptly
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rabbits. The increase of body fat usually observed in castrates and noted by
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improved and an exploratory operation was decided upon. A positive pre
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It is apparent that a method of investigation is of itself valuable
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relatively large doses one advanced case an Indian girl
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those rendered susceptible and generally accounting for the selection of
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and other stimulants with white of egg. Creosote water may be used
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livered directly against the chest. The statement of
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ered. While the disease was known as gonorrhea and the
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traction the more powerful circular fibres predominate and contract the
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IIoRNEU CORNicK and others of the I nited States navy.
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women and the victims of long illnesses would be equally
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pensing with the use of a truss and the security against relapse.
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some instances where tlie vice has been long indulged in from half
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shall be expended for salaries maintenance and expenses
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In applying the same strength of current to a normal
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plaining for the general information of the public wliat the
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nervous system of which has been destroyed the vessels
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Under an engraving in the possession of the writer by Hum
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these offices is an important test of their fitness for
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recommended on account of sarcoma of the superior maxillary bone
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emphasize the importance of ophthalmology as a branch
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conditions and the treatment of disease. His daily routine
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stantly immersed in the hot bath and it allows other
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and arching of the sternum as if from congenital deformity and an hih
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some tsuc in two pints of Rhenish wine. This being strained
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severe cases he thought it advisable to cauterize the ulcer
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noted by several workers but that is not the whole story. Usually
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excessive size of the child and all except one occurred in
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The whole subject of simulated diseases would easily fill
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He had ahvays been a hard smoker smoking from twelve to
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ously immediately after accident involving the cord and is then probably due
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room. In Arizona the humidity is usually around 50 in the schoolroom
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the dccidna vent is completely detaclied and eliminated.
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for vaginitis. Her brother had accused a young man of eighteen of having
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why not then for the alleviation of mental suffering The
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inal folly of others and assure him of the honor in
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phrenic pneumogastric cardiac and left recurrent larvngeal nerves
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as in other respects by the fact that the various ex
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labour should be induced after labour decapsulation should not be delayed
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absurdity of using names to designate the practice of any
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laboring class of Irish parentage reaches puberty at
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astrous in industry as it is in any other field of endeavor.
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may be accompanied by sweatings though independent of rise of tempera
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his trouble. His feces came in small hard balls. His tongue was always
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ternity. His many activities kept this medic from Sykersville Pa. far too busy
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Into tile bladder of cold and hot water and treatment indicated
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spinal fluid by lumbar puncture the possibility of a
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dogmatic and inflexible rules for the treatment of a con
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from the first until a stricture results and intestinal obstruction
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presence of the more prominent facial symptoms. The case was that
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vessels causing rupture. The cases which have been studied occurred
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rally stated that opium acts much more energetically when admi
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sented. In tuberculosis outlines appear diffuse cloudy and
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comfortable except that the irrigations occasionally cause
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surgery of which we had a fair share in Natal. As a
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became ill death never followed when even as much as 15 cc of
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across the chest which extends down the arms and seems to threaten

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