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the proportion is one third. These are two of the out

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as a proof of non respiration disease and imperfect respiration

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case the physician knew not that the medical attendant was an homceo

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was most likely to be at its height. There is individual variation in

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a memorial shaft over the place where there rest the

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Hamner J. W. A report of analytical data obtained in the physi

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clusters of two three or more. Here and there they are aggregated into

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acromion profess which helps in the formation of tlie cavity of the

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region which discharged for some time after it was opened. Eight

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is to be regarded as potentially capable of produc

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attention to the j reservati07i of his health Where stands the

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Medical Bulletin of Washington Unlvei slty January 1902.

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results this condition must be borne in mind. Yet Sir

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cottonseed meal hay and gra ss with occasionally beef

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elre mis sous presse tonchant les assemblies jui furenl

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uprights by two or more web or coid bands. If the latter

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from a letter to Mr. Davies Gilbert made his celebrated

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temperature ventilation of the sick room and even the arrangement of tlie

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A neighbor who was widely known to be more ambitious

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quantity of blood received by the tissues in a given

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in the treatment of gouty dyspepsia and of gouty affec

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on the teeth results in the retention of carbohydrate material and

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mammalia fowl and ostrich among the aves turtle and alligator

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tion showed considerable variation at times no albumin

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of unusual quality and prominence the University of Maryland

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BUZZARD THOMAS M.D. Physician to the National Hospital for the Paralysed and

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probably as a consequence of defective hearing in the railway employes.

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